The Writers Happiness Movement is on a deep rest and reimagining sabbatical until Summer 2024.
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If you want to live in a world where kindness and joy matter and writers are supported, you’ve found it. Welcome home.

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    About us

    Rewriting the world

    The Writers Happiness Movement is based on two unwavering beliefs:

    1) Kindness, inclusion, and joy matter.

    2) The written word is one of the most powerful ways to promote courage, empathy, and ferocity of the heart.

    The goal of the movement is to create more happiness for every writer while making the world a better place for all writers. Everything we offer is here to help you access more joy, more writing time, and more spaciousness for and around your writing and life. This includes free online writers’ retreats, free online yoga for writers, and micro-grants for writers, as well as a long-term vision of adding in large-scale programs such as bigger grants, residencies, and retirement homes for writers completely funded by the Writers Happiness Movement. This is all funded through an alternative economic structure rooted in kindness and inclusion, an economic sructure that is part of our little corner of how we change the world. 

    The Writers Happiness Movement is meant to be both a revolution and a refuge. There’s nothing you have to do to be part of it, other than be who you are and write what you write. Whether you’ve been writing for decades, are just starting to think you might like to write, or are somewhere in between, the Writers Happiness Movement is here to remind you how important what you do actually is.

    Breathe. Write. Love. We’ve got your back.

    There are two parts to the Writers Happiness Movement:

    Part One:

    Happiness For You

    In which you receive an ongoing supply of free happiness tools created specifically for writers, all designed to help you access more happiness, and therefore more psychic space to write (and live).



    Part two:

    Happiness For All 

    In which the Writers Happiness Movement supports writers with programs such as grants, residencies, and so forth, all of which are sustained through a cooperative, community-based structure that reflects a world where writing, kindness, and joy matter.

    Never forget that writing is your contribution to the world, and that it is enough.


    The Writers Happiness Movement grew from wanting to live in a world where happiness, kindness, and the arts matter more than money. So we’re building it.


    Know a writer who could use a little boost? The Writers Happiness Movement sends writers tiny cash infusions via smail mail, tucked in cool artist-designed cards. 


    Want to live in a world where joy, kindness, and writers are valued? Us too. Become a patron of writerly happiness at $5/month, and we’ll do the rest to make it all happen.