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Financial Support For writers


One of the many goals of the Writers Happiness Movement is to support writers with grants, residencies, places to write, and retirement homes, all free of charge and sustained through a cooperative, community-based structure that reflects a world where writing, kindness, and joy matter.


Writers Happiness Micro-Grants are little infusions of cash that are awarded monthly and sent via snail mail to a writer nominated via the link below. Currently, these micro-grants are $25; they will grow as the movement grows. There are no strings attached, nothing to do, and nothing to report. Just a little money to cheer a writer on. 


These and all other financial programs are supported by all of you, both as patrons and by throwing a few bucks in the tip jar here and there. There are so many of us who want to live in a world where kindness and creativity matter. When we all come together, and when those of us who are able to and want to support this vision with the cost of a fancy coffee once a month, what we can build is astonishing. The goal is 100,000 writers supporting this movement at $5/month in five years. Imagine the community, the kindness, the inclusion we could create for all writers, everywhere!


For more info on the micro-grants, go here.

To read about the open-handed non-hierarchical economic  structure that supports this movement, go here.

To become a patron or throw some money in the tip jar for Writers Happiness, go here.

And thank you.


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    The Writers Happiness Movement grew from wanting to live in a world where happiness, kindness, and the arts matter more than money. So we’re building it.


    Know a writer who could use a little boost? The Writers Happiness Movement sends writers tiny cash infusions via smail mail, tucked in cool artist-designed cards. 


    Want to live in a world where joy, kindness, and writers are valued? Us too. Become a patron of writerly happiness at $5/month, and we’ll do the rest to make it all happen.