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Tiny grants
for writers





Writers Happiness Micro-Grants are little infusions of cash that are awarded monthly and sent via snail mail to a writer nominated here. Currently, these micro-grants are $25; they will grow as the movement grows. There are no strings attached, nothing to do, and nothing to report. Just a little money to cheer a writer on.

In order to be eligible for a grant, the person you are nominating must be:

1. A writer of any kind. It doesn’t matter if anyone else has read their writing yet or if they are published or not. If they are writing, want to write, or trying to get back to writing, they are eligible.

2. Someone you think is a really good person.

To nominate a writer you know, just fill out all the requested info below. Two writers are chosen at the end of every month. If your writer is chosen, you will be notified via email before the grant is mailed.

But! The writer will not be notified in advance, because unexpectedly getting a lovely card and some cash in the mail is way more fun if you don’t know it’s coming. Please note, you must have the person’s snail mail address for the nomination to be considered.

Thanks for helping to make the world a little happier!

* PLEASE NOTE: Since this money comes in US cash, please make sure the person you are nominating lives somewhere that US money will be useful to them, and where sending bank notes is allowed. Many countries do not allow cash to be sent through the mail, and I am not able to send this electronically or in other currencies at this time. Thank you!