Part One

Happiness For You


Writers happiness tools draw from inspirations such as happiness science, enlightenment traditions, psychology, mindfulness, writing techniques, creativity studies, dance, music, theater, neuroscience, Lin-Manuel Miranda (because, well, yay), and, really, anything else that seems fun or useful.

What they all have in common is that they are all designed to help you access more joy and more creative flow — and to help you create the psychic space we all need to write.

When you join the Writers Happiness Movement, you get access to every happiness tool for writers that is created, all free.

What are happiness tools for writers, exactly?

Happiness tools for writers are anything that helps you have a happier life and more writing time. Examples of what we’re planning include:


• Weekly 5-minute Writers Happiness Exercises. These are not writing prompts in the traditional fashion; rather, they are happiness prompts written specifically for writers, designed to help create a baseline of happiness to inspire more creativity and innovation and a deeper joy around life and your writing. 

• Live, virtual writing retreats. These will be a way to have distraction-free writing time with a yoga chaser at your own home, and will be offered a few times a year. These are virtual versions of the Splendid Mola Retreats for Writers that have been happening since 2015. 

• In-person and virtual writers salons and gatherings, to help build a community of writers who care about kindness and joy.

• Guided meditations specifically for writers, both pre-recorded and live call-in.

These are just a few of the ideas in the works. When you join the Writers Happiness Movement, the 5-minute Writers Happiness Exercise will come to your inbox every Tuesday; in addition, you’ll have access to every free writers happiness tool as it is created. 

Let’s rewrite the world, one writer at a time.


The Writers Happiness Movement grew from wanting to live in a world where happiness, kindness, and the arts matter more than money. So we’re building it.


Know a writer who could use a little boost? The Writers Happiness Movement sends writers tiny cash infusions via smail mail, tucked in cool artist-designed cards. 


Want to live in a world where joy, kindness, and writers are valued? Us too. Become a patron of writerly happiness at $5/month, and we’ll do the rest to make it all happen.