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The Writers Happiness Movement is an ongoing attempt to create a structure that itself promotes and reflects kindness and true happiness while supporting writers of all kinds. What this looks like will constantly evolve, but for now:

1. The Writers Happiness Movement will not have social media accounts. While there are so many amazing ways social media is being used by so many people, it too often can feel disheartening, addictive, and an easy place to beat ourselves up or feel like we’re missing out on life. Plus, as writers, the amount of emphasis placed on our social media presence is a source of so much fear, anxiety, and overwhelm to many of us. We are constantly told we must be on social media if we want to be successful. As part of writerly happiness, we’d like to let all of us take a step back from that if we want to — and perhaps prove that it isn’t true that we need social media to be “real” or have a following. 

2. The photos on this website are, all but one, actual writers who have come with on the Splendid Mola retreat for writers and have given permission for their images to be used. (While this is a little thing, using images of people who are actually what we say they are is one small way we stay in our own integrity.)

3. The Writers Happiness Movement is committed to using only communication that is rooted kindness and inclusion, and that allows for true happiness. In other words, we will never use standard business techniques such as made-up scarcity or focusing on pain points. Time is not running out; you do not have to act now or miss out. True happiness is abundant and free and is not going anywhere if you simply can’t think about it right now. It doesn’t involve an endless scroll. It doesn’t need you to pay for it. These happiness tools for writers will all be here when and if you want them.

4. The end goal of the Writers Happiness Movement is a world with more kindness, more happiness, and more writers able to write what they want to write. All ways and means of running the movement will pass through this filter before being implemented. If there’s something that feels as though it is not inclusive, kind, or in line with these values, please let us know. We grow when we all hold each other up.

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