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Monthly patronage is the lifeblood of the Writers Happiness Movement. It’s used to create and sustain programs that benefit all writers, from free online retreats to grants and residencies. Knowing how much is coming in each month allows me to create programs in advance and know I can keep them funded. The goal is to have enough of us supporting at $5/month that I can build programs such as retirement homes and serious, big-time grants for writers (woo hoo!). You can become a monthly patron here. 

If monthly’s not your things, or if you’d like to give more or drop a one-time donation in the hat, thank you! You can do so at any of the following:


Venmo: @Lori-Snyder-3





The Writers Happiness Movement grew from wanting to live in a world where happiness, kindness, and the arts matter more than money. So we’re building it.


Know a writer who could use a little boost? The Writers Happiness Movement sends writers tiny cash infusions via smail mail, tucked in cool artist-designed cards. 


Want to live in a world where joy, kindness, and writers are valued? Us too. Become a patron of writerly happiness at $5/month, and we’ll do the rest to make it all happen.