These voice visits are just short hellos from me to you. During this time of social distancing and hunkering down, I’ll be doing these pretty regularly—just me, sitting in my apartment saying hello to you. Like you, I’m figuring this out as I go. Since these are more ephemeral, I think what I’ll do is only keep the five most recent ones up at any time and archive the rest. That will give you all time to listen to the ones you’d like to, but will also keep this page from being overwhelming. The most recent one will be the first one. Thanks for being part of this experiement with me. 


  1. Pierr Morgan

    Lovely! Thank you, too, for being there…HERE! ~ xox Love, Pierr

  2. Laurel R Abell

    You have a beautiful, comforting voice!

  3. Ruth McNally Barshaw

    Lori, it’s really lovely and soothing to hear your voice. Thank you.

  4. Natalie Rutkin

    Beautiful soothing voice and soul…thank you

  5. Elaine Macdonald

    Thank you Lori…you too are spectacular!

  6. Sondra S. Soderborg

    Thank you for your calming voice and presence. Love you!

  7. Terry

    Sooooo good to hear your voice. Thank you, Lori. <3

  8. Tamiko Beyer

    Hey Lori. Woke up early and remembered that I wanted to listen to this. It was the perfect–and much needed–message for me to start the day. Thank YOU for what you are doing in this moment.

  9. LORI

    That you’re real and honest
    That you’re trying, new things – to communicate with us
    Your voice
    That you share
    That you give names to our feelings
    Thank you

  10. Cathy Lentes

    How lovely to hear your voice, and take your message to heart. I too tend to be a person who feels I’m not doing enough, that I’m letting people down. Mostly, I think we let ourselves down by not taking the time and space we need. We don’t always have to be on.
    May you continue to heal, Lori.
    We will be here, and grateful to you.

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